Reading Rangers

A program designed to give first grade students individual support in reading. This program runs from October – May. Volunteers meet with the same student(s) each week Mon-Thur (1-4 days/week) from 7:45am – 8:15am. OHE PTA provides volunteer orientation/ training and materials. All community volunteers are welcome (parents, grandparents, neighbors, high school and college students, etc.). Email to learn more.

Drop N Swap
Responsibilities include promoting the event with a flyer, gathering books from all classes, taking donated books and left over carnival books and supplementing with used books from Half Price Books. Set a day to organize all books by type/grade level, redistribute the books to the classes. Method of distribution can be set by committee: you can provide each class with a bag of books, or you can set up all books on the cafeteria stage and have the classes come by to pick out books.

Carnival is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we need lots of help planning the event! To get involved on the carnival committee, email We need volunteers for food stations, prizes, games, tickets/wristbands. Committee members will determine food choices, game choices, budget, theme, etc.

Audit Committee
3 – 5 members needed to review the PTA books during the summer in order to ensure PTA regulations have been followed and that the books are ready to begin the new school year. Texas PTA provides an easy to follow checklist. No audit or financial experience necessary! Committee members generally meet 2 to 3 times for approximately 2 hours at a time.

Summer Reading
Promote summer reading programs around Austin and/or create a summer reading program for OHE.

Gear (T-Shirts/yard signs, etc.)
Create PTA t-shirts for sale to students, faculty and families. Could be student design or design created by professional. Committee can decide whether to pre-order shirts or order based on pre-sales. Committee will also determine whether or not to design/sell jackets and other promotional items. Work may begin in May and continue in the summer for shirt/jacket sales in the fall.

Meet the teacher
Help plan event to be held before school starts. Event may include gear sales and distribution of school supplies. Planning takes place at the committee’s convenience during the summer months.

CATCH Family Fun Run
Family Fun Run is an event that encourages the family to come out and walk/jog/run together on the track on a Saturday morning in the fall. Volunteers will assist with making/hanging flyers, organizing volunteers, and getting donations (such as fruit, water and prizes).

Ice Cream Social
Tasks include editing, copying and distributing a flyer, staffing volunteers to scoop ice cream, help put on toppings, sell spoons, help set-up and clean-up (this can be done on volunteer spot and will take minimal time). You will also need to coordinate the ice cream purchase with the cafeteria staff, and purchase toppings, bowls, spoons, napkins, etc. before the event (1-2 hours). This event can be held outside or in the cafeteria. After the event, you will need to collect the money and complete a deposit form for the treasurer. You will be reimbursed for any expenses incurred. Total time commitment including being at the actual event is about 10 hours and you are done!

Teacher Appreciation
Plans activities throughout the year to show appreciation to our teachers at Oak Hill. This includes several lunches, possibly a breakfast, snacks during TAKS testing, and a week of food and festivities during teacher appreciation week. There is normally a lunch prior to the first day of school, a fall luncheon (on a teacher in service day), a Christmas/new year’s lunch, a valentine’s breakfast, and and end of year lunch which takes place the day after the last day of school. TAKS snacks are provided in the lounge for teachers on TAKS testing days. The committee will also provide small gifts for the teachers (if the budget allows) during teacher appreciation week. Volunteers are key in helping to serve and prep the lunches as well as helping to provide food items to be served to the teachers. The time commitment for the committee chairs involves planning lunches or other events, putting them on the school calendar, sending out emails to volunteers for help, prepping food the day of the lunch or event, serving the food, and clean up. To provide food for an event involves preparing the food at your home or purchasing an item ahead of time and delivering it to the school when needed.

Staff Appreciation
This committee helps plan activities to recognize non-teaching OHE staff, such as Custodians, Office Staff, etc

To support the faculty by assisting them with duplicating, laminating, cutting, binding, etc. of materials they use in the classroom. Workshop is held on Wednesday mornings.

To create and sell the annual Oak Hill Elementary Yearbook. Using vendor provided software, fall student pictures and pictures of events throughout the school year, this committee creates a Yearbook of memories at an affordable price. Individuals on this committee must have a computer, digital camera and access to an image editing program. This committee works through the entire school year beginning in August and ending in May. Most of the work is done at home, but many hours can be needed taking pictures at school and various school events. Work also includes collecting orders, order database entry, filling out deposit slips, working with the software vendor and emailing room parents throughout the year for pictures. At the end of the school year, the yearbooks are delivered at which time this committee labels and distributes them to the classrooms.

Grant Writing
The purpose of this committee is to research and apply for any grants that fill any of the needs for our school.

The treasurer shall:

  1. have custody of all the funds of the association;
  2. serve as the chair of the budget and finance committee;
  3. present a written and verbal financial report at executive board and association meetings and as requested by the executive board or association;
  4. maintain books of account and records including bank statements, receipts, budgets, invoices, paid receipts and canceled checks in accordance with the records retention policy;
  5. make disbursements in accordance with the budget adopted by the association;
  6. be authorized to sign on bank accounts;
  7. be authorized to sign tax documents, if the president is prohibited by terms of employment;
  8. present a preliminary annual report, i.e. budget to actual, at the last association meeting;
  9. complete and file all necessary tax documents; and
  10. present books of account and records to the financial reconciliation committee.

Budget Committee
The Budget committee is chaired by the current treasurer and, if possible, is composed of the incoming president, the incoming treasurer, the incoming and/or outgoing Projects & Goals chair, one retiring officer, a representative from the school staff, a minimum of one additional PTA member, and a minimum of one additional interested PTA member. The budget meeting shall be open to all members who wish to attend.
The budget committee will submit the proposed budget to the executive board before presenting it to the general membership. The treasurer shall present the proposed budget to the general membership for approval at the first regular meeting of the year.

Project Funding Committee (PFC)

The OHE PTA Project Funding Committee (formerly known as Projects and Goals) determines how to spend PTA money not already allocated in the budget. Click here for more info.

The historian will collect and preserve documents relating to the history of Oak Hill Elementary and the OHEPTA, including updating information for posting on the OHEPTA website with regard to how the PTA and its dollars are at work for the students, parents and teachers. The historian will need to attend all Executive Board Meetings and General Meetings held by the OHEPTA. And will present a written report to the association as the official history to be adopted at the meeting held in May.

Nominating Committee
A committee of five people and one alternative that is elected at the December general meeting. The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to recognize, seek and nominate the best qualified, available and willing persons for the elected positions of the OHEPTA. All members of the committee need to understand the issue of confidentiality concerning what is discussed at your Nominating Committee meetings. The Committee reviews the job descriptions of each office and discusses qualifications for officers. The committee will present its nominees at the election meeting of the PTA (typically April).

Corporate Sponsors / Community Partners
Obtain & maintain monetary sponsorships from area businesses.

Silent Auction
The Silent Auction committee begins meeting in the fall in order to procure donations for the school’s annual spring silent auction (held in conjunction with the school carnival). Volunteers assist in collecting donations from Oak Hill and surrounding area businesses. Meetings are held in order to determine which volunteers will solicit from various businesses to ensure that volunteers are not duplicating efforts and donations are logged in an online spreadsheet. Volunteers may also be responsible for writing thank you notes. Committee members assist with set up/clean up on the day of silent auction as well as monitoring the bidding during the auction.

This committee addresses needs related to safety and maintenance once it is brought to them by the school.

The main goal of this committee is to create an appealing campus by planting and maintaining flower beds and planters around campus. Grounds Beautification committee members can expect to be asked to offer their time for 3 main tasks: Fall Campus Clean Up/Spring Campus Clean Up and Summer Watering. They will also be contacted for major beautification projects, as needed.

Translate documents to Spanish as needed.


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